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About The Friends Of Bradford Street

During the summer of 1975 various residents decided to hold an open meeting to judge whether there was sufficient interest amongst local people in forming a society to protect and improve Bradford Street. This first meeting was attended by 41 people and by September of that year a constitution had been drawn up and an association formed that was to be known as The friends of Bradford Street.


The objectives of this Association were simple:

"To protect the fabric of Bradford Street, and to improve the quality of life in it for the benefit of its present and future inhabitants and the towns-people of Bocking and Braintree generally".


Since then The Friends of Bradford Street have been involved in many activities from campaigning for a bypass and traffic calming measures to assisting with guided tours for students and enthusiasts of architectural history. In addition there have been many social fund raising events and charitable donations.


The objectives set out in 1975 remain as true today as when they were first drafted. However it has recently been decided that the time has come to bring the preservation of the past into the 21st Century. This website is part of this process. In addition the committee structure, that has existed from the beginning, has been changed so as to create a number of small groups with a view to making it easier for residents to become involved. At present there are three groups focusing on Traffic, Neighbourhood Watch and raising the profile of Bradford Street.


All residents are welcome to get involved in any way, however small, to help ensure that this historic street remains a delightful, fascinating and pleasant place to live.


If you have any general enquiries including Neighbourhood Watch please contact us here.
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