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                                         FOBS Privacy Statement

New data protection laws (most often referred to as the GDPR) mean we need your permission to stay in touch, even if you’ve given us permission before. We currently hold only your email address, plus your street address if you have provided it in relation to any previous communication. This is held electronically by our Secretary and by her alone. No one else in FOBS sees or uses this information for any purpose. Your privacy is important to us, so we’ll always keep the very few details that we hold secure and never use them for any form of communication that you have not agreed to receive. Your data will not be shared by us with any other individual or organisation without your express permission. FOBS (The Friends Of Bradford Street) will contact you only with regard to matters directly relevant to you as a resident, which may include prompts and updates about linking to content on our website or Facebook page, notification of and invitation to our social events or other relevant news about Bradford Street. You can, at any time, email us to change your mind and opt out of some or all of our communication with you. We hope you opt to stay in touch!

                                       The Friends Of Bradford Street

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